Tanqueray Gin Named World’s Number 1 Premium Gin for 2022

Over the past years, globally Diageo’s vision for Tanqueray has been to “become the #1 premium gin brand in the world”, and we are delighted to now officially announce that that vision has already been achieved internationally!
At this year’s Drinks International competition, Tanqueray Gin showed incredible results and won 3 prestigious awards:

#1 Bestselling Gin
#1 Bartenders’ favorite
#2 Top Trending Gin

This Tanqueray success follows Diageo’s continued investment in a strong innovation pipeline and the development of the ‘Unmistakably Tanqueray’ campaign which was complemented by new partnerships and collaborations with celebrities such as Stanley Tucci and the collaboration with the Oscar-winning film House of Gucci which was accompanied by a digital campaign. in 2021.
The Tanqueray family of gins can be found on our webshop and you can order your favorite online with fast delivery to your home.

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